Our Association :

11223The Professional Association of Maritime Agents, Consignees and Ship Brokers Chartering of Morocco “APRAM” was created on 20 May 1998.

We are a network of partners sharing will collectively contribute to the development of our profession and our industry.

Our sector :

Maritime transport is an important lever for the expansion of the national economy. It provides 98% of Morocco’s trade.

     Morocco has: :

  • On the coastline of 3500 km
  • 23 ports served, including 11 commercial ports comply with the new provisions of the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).
  • Tanger Med port whose work was initiated in 2003, is one of the largest transshipment ports of the Mediterranean and further promotes the growth of national maritime transport.


Our Mission :

        EXCHANGE :

  • Promote communication;
  • Share experiences;
  • Promote external communication;
  • Enhance the image of our profession;
  • Conduct projects initiatives with national and international institutions;
  • Strengthen partnerships with national and international professional associations.

        DEFEND :

  • Represent our members with the port authorities and operators;
  • Defend their interests;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the regulatory and tax environment of their profession;
  • Promote respect for professional ethics.

        DEVELOPING :

  • Provide a wide range of professional information;
  • Perform actions upgrade, among others, support for Quality Assurance;
  • Preparation of legal studies;
  • Promote a diversity training annual plan;
  • Organize study and information seminars;
  • Take action to promote the association and its members;
  • Conduct sectoral studies to anticipate changes