Since its inception, APRAM has paid particular attention to the consolidation of business leaders, professional act by a shipping agent, to strengthen leadership in the field of representation and defense of the moral and matérels profession.

To support this mission representation and interlocutor, a consolidation of links between members APRAM and various administrations is crucial importance.

In addition, its orientation towards the promotion of Moroccan foreign trade APRAM actively participates in the development of port and land transport policies, organizing new trade routes and promotes all efforts to improve logistics necessary to the effectiveness of foreign trade.

Closely following the changes in the national and international levels, APRAM continuously adapts its projects and efforts to the needs of the requirements of its members and all economic and administrative components of the Merchant Navy plans, favoring a policy of constructive discussions with all port users and traders at both interfaces at the level of exchange of information, and adhering whenever it is necessary for all national and international groups proposing goals related with the purpose of the establishment of the association.


As an official liaison with the ministry, APRAM differentiates itself by its contribution to the formation and development of shipping agents, shipping agents and brokers charter.
To do this, the association is developing studies, technical publications, conferences, seminars and workshops.

The quality of the professional body of its members and its board of directors gives APRAM a reference mark.

A member of APRAM is never alone!

The professional APRAM team provides ongoing support to members of the shipping agents to enable them to succeed in their business purposes.
This support is reflected in the continued presence and immediate response to the slightest sign of trouble or hindrance forcing the peaceful life of maritime professionals.