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A member of the APRAM is never alone!

To sustain the competitiveness of our businesses and build a future most prosperous Moroccan maritime sector:

Let us work together to strengthen their impact, Act as a single actor, as Interacting qu’APRAM




Conditions of Membership :

APRAM opens its doors to any natural or legal person exercising regularly and notoriously activity shipping agent, consignee or vessel charter broker in Morocco for at least two years.

After receiving approval from the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, the future member must adhere unreservedly to the Constitution and the Code of Conduct and Ethics Charter APRAM.

The Board of Directors is required to verify the character and skills presented by the potential participant; in case of compliance, it is declared by the statutes of the association “a full member.”

Fee system :

Described by the statutes of its creation as a non profit APRAM is mainly based on contributions from its members to finance its projects.

Thus, a member is said that si’il holder pays annually and regularly dues determined by the Board of Directors.
Said Council shall by the following system:

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  • Membership fee: a lump sum amount determined by the Board of Directors and adjusted annually by affiliates
  • Exceptional contributions: additional costs paid by the members of the Board of Directors decision
  • Contribution of support: donations that are required at the discretion of everyone.