Professionnal association of shipagents & shipbrokers of Morocco

Date created: 20 May 1998

logoMission : APRAM binds mission:

  • Consolidate shipping agents and defend their interests in the ministry, and administrative authorities
  • Arrange the profession
  • Ensure the respect of ethics
  • Promote better synergy of national maritime community
  • Initiate careers contributing members
  • Provide its full members of a stable acquired conventions and partnerships with government agencies
  • Inform members about all the current issues affecting directly or indirectly their professional field
  • Promote the strategic position of Morocco as a meeting point between Europe and Africa
  • Monitor the proper implementation of regulations
  • 11223Promote the profession and trade

Number of member:

Head office : 219, Avenue des FAR, 5ème étage – n° 13 – Casablanca (Maroc)