The Professional Association of Maritime Agents , Consignee and Ship Brokers Chartering, APRAM , includes among its members companies engaged in the activities of shipping agent, consignee and ship chartering broker in a sector strategic means for the development of trade and economic development of our country ;
Considering the role of each member in improving the image and reputation of the profession,
Whereas ethics is the foundation for any company investing to gain credibility and effectiveness .

The APRAM adopts this code of ethics that each member undertakes to respect .

1. The member agrees to operate with professionalism and moral integrity
2 . Member agrees to contribute to strengthening the rule of law and efforts to build a healthy environment, banning all forms of corruption and fraud within and outside .
3 . Members agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Association and to respect the spirit and the letter.
4. The member develop its employees in a professional and responsible manner in accordance with the rules of ethics and professional conduct
The member 5. Undertakes to disseminate this code of ethics for its customers , partners and employees .